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Board Member Focus - Alex Mast

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Alex Mast is a commercial real estate finance expert who enjoys contributing to the success of real estate developers and investors and seeing the tangible results of their combined efforts. As a Managing Director at J.P. Morgan, Mast has the rewarding opportunity of working with clients who are making a significant impact on the communities they invest in.


Mast leads a growing team of professionals delivering financial solutions to real estate investors and developers in the Northwest region. His team is typically focused on lending on office, multifamily and industrial assets, providing access to construction, bridge and term loans, and corporate and subscription lines of credit. In conjunction with credit products, they also offer digital solutions that help with streamlining processes, as well as access to treasury services, Investment Banking, Private Banking, and other financial solutions.


With over 13 years of commercial real estate experience, Mast joined J.P. Morgan in July 2018. He chose J.P. Morgan in part because of the company’s long-standing history of success and strategic focus on the Bay Area. Mast and his Real Estate Banking team work closely with clients headquartered in the Bay Area, supporting them across all the markets where they invest. “We have terrific clients with very impactful projects, and I enjoy watching the projects come to life, whether it be ground up construction, or heavy renovations,” said Mast. “We offer a broad range of capabilities and provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs, helping them continue their long-term success.”


One of Mast’s most interesting recent assignments was securing a construction loan for a large infill multifamily project in the Bay Area. The development included some mixed-use elements, which will create much needed housing in the community and great neighborhood amenities. Additionally, Mast and his group are currently providing a large three-year bridge loan for an office property.


“The strength of our economy has led to solid real estate fundamentals and values, but we need to remember that real estate can be a cyclical business,” said Mast. “Through my past experience managing real estate in a down-cycle, I approach business today with a healthy and balanced perspective, one that will lead to positive client experiences throughout the cycle.”


Mast’s background prepared him well for his current endeavors. After graduating from U.C. Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Trade and Development, he started in an analyst program supporting a team of originators for two years prior to completing an intensive six month Credit Management Training Program. This training provided him with strong foundational skills in underwriting and risk management that he still applies to this day. In addition, his experiences participating in team sports gave him the interpersonal skills to collaborate with others towards a common goal. 


Over the years, NAIOP has given Mast great opportunities to successfully collaborate with other professionals active in the transactions getting done in the market. After serving on the membership committee for several years he became Chapter President in 2015. “The experience enriched my career in many ways, from the network I gained, to the participation in educational events, and the positive impacts achieved through advocating for legislative action,” said Mast. “My involvement has helped my team become more well-connected to the Bay Area real estate community we serve.”


Mast encourages those getting started in their career to think long term and make sure they get all of the building blocks while they are new to the industry. He advises young professionals to take their time when it comes to advancing their careers. “It’s important to focus on the quality of your real estate education and build your network and reputation with care, as these relationships will help you throughout your career,” said Mast. “Similar to constructing a building, make sure your foundation is rock solid, don’t cut corners, and frame each level thoroughly, so it lasts a lifetime.”


Mast grew up Sausalito and now lives in Tiburon, with his wife and his three children. “All of my kids are very active,” said Mast. “When I’m not coaching their lacrosse teams, I enjoy surfing at Ocean Beach, or traveling to warm water destinations like Mexico or Indonesia. I am also an avid fly fisherman and try to find quiet time on the rivers of Idaho and Northern California to relax.”

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