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Board Member Focus - Justin Shapiro

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Justin Shapiro is a real estate investor and developer with a passion for aviation and a penchant for politics. He is Principal of Long Market Property Partners, LLC. a San Francisco-based real estate investment firm that focuses on value-add and core-plus office and retail projects in the San Francisco and East Bay markets.  

Shapiro loves the project nature of the business.  “Given the value-add profile of our investment objectives, all of our deals have a natural start and finish,” he said. “Some projects have a more tangible nature to the improvements we make along the way, but we strive to leave every property in better shape at the end of our ownership cycle.”

One of Shapiro’s favorite deals was an extensive office renovation in the transitioning Mid-Market area at 995 Market Street.  Long Market acquired the property relatively early in the cycle in 2013 and sold it in 2016.  It was the team’s first large-scale project and it presented many exciting challenges. “We touched almost every aspect of the building including the structural, façade, roofs, mechanical, life-safety and interior finishes,” said Shapiro. “Layered below the property specific issues was a sub-market evolving in front of us with a palette of office, hotel, retail and multi-family developments all contributing to the revival character of the neighborhood.”

Shapiro first joined NAIOP over a decade ago as a Developing Leader then took a break while starting his own firm.  He rejoined in 2016, made getting involved a priority and was recently appointed to the chapter Board.  Additionally, Shapiro (who has a master’s degree in real estate development from USC’s Price School of Public Policy) is Co-Chair of the chapter’s Government Affairs Committee and is also a participating member of the Programs Committee.  “Personally, I enjoy serving on various boards and committees because it allows me to have interaction with a larger group of my peers in the industry. I contrast this to working in a small firm with one partner for the last seven years where a “big” meeting is two people,” he said.  “As an organization, I appreciate NAIOP’s advocacy efforts at the various levels of government.”

Shapiro advises those getting started in their career to do their diligence on the company, bosses and mentors that they will be working with. 

“I think finding the right boss/mentor who will champion for you, while also working at the right company, will put you on a much better career trajectory,” he said.  “Unfortunately, I think this is hard to do as a young professional new to the business, and some of it will fall to luck. However, building a network through NAIOP really helps.”

On the personal front, Shapiro was born and raised in Orange County. He now resides in Walnut Creek with his wife and 3 year old son.  In addition to his family, he is passionate about aviation. “Specifically, I love piloting small airplanes, he said.  “I’ve been flying for 20 years and I find it to be one of the most rewarding pursuits of my adult life.”

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