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NAIOP SFBA to Launch New Executive Development Program in 2020

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The NAIOP SFBA Board and Advisory Council have identified a need within the commercial real estate industry for advanced training targeted at mid-career professionals to help them develop their skills to maximum potential.


“Based upon our understanding of industry needs and our recent success developing and running our Young Professionals Group (“YPG”) program, we recognize that NAIOP is in the right position to provide this kind of training” states Kevin Saavedra, founding Chair of the Chapter’s award-winning YPG Program.


Dr. Julie A Chesley, Professor of Organization Theory and Management at Pepperdine’s Graziadio Business School, has been deeply involved with the NAIOP YPG program for a number of years as an instructor and is extremely enthusiastic about being involved in this next step of self-development focus. She shares the following insight:


“Leaders today need increasingly sophisticated and agile mindsets characterized by maturity in perspective taking, the ability to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity, comfort with challenging assumptions in self and others and the capacity to learn and integrate new understanding. To truly develop this capacity, we need to move away from focusing on what leaders know, towards understanding how leaders make sense of the things they know.


This requires mindset development - investigating beliefs, biases, habits and autopilot behavior. The majority of leadership development time and money is invested in the realm of skill development - preparing leaders to successfully achieve stated objectives; building mastery in areas with relatively well defined and agreed upon outcomes (e.g. negotiation, sales, hiring skills). To develop mindsets to match the demands of today, a different approach is needed.”


Cue the NAIOP SFBA Executive Development (“NED”) Program. This innovative program comprises six working sessions over a six-month period, delivered through overnight retreats and classroom workshops, paired with small group virtual check-ins and coaching. A cohort of twenty members will be selected to advance through this experience together from January – June 2020.


More details about the NED Program and application process are coming this August and applications will be accepted this Fall. Keep an eye on your email inbox* and our website for updates.


*If you are not yet a NAIOP SFBA member, join here or contact to be added to the email list. 

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