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Real Estate Challenge Participants - Where Are They Now? Featuring Cameron Falconer

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Cameron Falconer is passionate all things Hines. Just this month, he transitioned from Regional Partner in charge of Northern California to Chief Operating Officer of the company’s Global Capital Markets Group. His new role encompasses all product types and geographies globally.  “I am fired up about the direction we are going, he said.  “We are doing exciting things in many aspects including quality, sustainability, diversity, entrepreneurial endeavors and community engagement.”

While he finds many parts of his career rewarding he especially enjoys how his work has connected him to his community.  “As a ‘legal alien’ from Canada raising a family in San Francisco, the way that my work has allowed me to be an active participant in the business, political and even social fabric of the City and the other Northern California communities that Hines has been active in has been super rewarding,” he said.     

Falconer finds himself working on many fascinating deals in some of the most dynamic markets around the globe these days.  However, he indicates that the most interesting deal he is currently working on is right here in San Francisco. “It is actually two related projects in the Transbay district,” he said.  “Parcel F, a mixed-use high-rise that has a bit of everything (residential, office, hotel and retail) and Block 4, a mixed-income residential development project.”

A former NAIOP SFBA Board member and current Chapter Sponsor, Falconer’s involvement dates back to 1997 when he participated on Stanford’s winning Real Estate Challenge team. Since that time, he has remained actively involved in the program as an advisor and jury member. 

My participation in The Challenge was truly my first exposure to a real estate project and it helped me decide to pursue real estate as a profession after graduating from business school in 1997,” he said. “Being part of that amazing program and NAIOP in general has been a fun, engaging and rewarding gift over the years.”  

Falconer advised young people getting started to think about the big picture and long view, then work backwards to formulate their near-term goals. “Value your relationships and always work to expand your network of positive connections within the industry and the community,” he said.  “For me, NAIOP has been essential in that regard.”

On the personal front, Falconer is passionate about his family, his friends and his community as well as sports, travel, film and having fun. Originally from Canada, he grew up in Calgary and went to University of British Columbia in Vancouver before moving to California for graduate school. “This year will mark my 20th wedding anniversary with my wife Tracy. My daughter, Peyton, will be entering high school and my son, Jake, is heading into his junior year and just got his driver’s permit (scary stuff!),” he said.  “We love living in San Francisco and embracing all the things that make our town unique and wonderful.”   

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