The Transformation of Retail and its Direct Influence on Industrial’s Boom Webinar

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The sweeping disruption to brick-and-mortar retail caused by the rapid growth of e-commerce is widely known. What has garnered less attention, however, is how the surge in e-commerce has shaped industrial real estate. To meet demand for faster deliveries, implementation of an efficient last mile distribution strategy is critical. When the coronavirus pandemic hit, demand for consumer staples skyrocketed, high-street retail went dark only to become micro-fulfillment centers, contactless delivery became a standard practice, and businesses across all sectors have been aggressively scrutinizing their supply chain resiliency. In this webinar, explore how the drive to strengthen supply chain resilience is accelerating demand for urban warehouses, resulting in a flood of capital into industrial real estate in urban areas.

Speaker: Andrea Himmel, Director of Acquisitions, Himmel + Meringoff Properties


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