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The Chapter actively participates in the work of the California Business Properties Association (CBPA), the designated legislative advocate for the NAIOP of California and other industry associations. CBPA represents over 10,000 members, making it the largest consortium of commercial real estate professionals in California.

This past year, the Chapter was active in opposing AB 2416 which would have, if passed, crippled California businesses by allowing any employee, governmental agency, authorized representative, or any entity to which a portion of the employee’s wages are payable, to record liens on an employer’s real property, personal property or any property where an employee “performed work” for an alleged, yet unproven, wage claim.

Legislative Action Committee Chair: Tess Brandwein, Shartsis Friese LLP

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NAIOP’s Legislative Concerns on Critical Issues:
Rent Control Measure Must Be Defeated! Vote No on Prop 10

Proposition 10, on November’s ballot has too many flaws and must be defeated.  Here is a new ad on this bad measure that we hope you will share widely with your networks:

What Would Prop 10 Mean for California?

  • Allows Regulation of Single Family Homes
  • Places Bureaucrats in Charge of Housing with the Power to Add Additional Fees
  • Puts Taxpayers at Risk for Millions in Legal Costs
  • Adds Tens of Millions in New Costs to Local Governments
  • Drives Up the Cost of Existing Housing

Vote NO on Prop. 10. Learn more.

On the national front, NAIOP has identified three priority legislative issues for 2018:

Infrastructure and Transportation
NAIOP supports increased funding and investment for our nation’s critical infrastructure and transportation systems. We support the expanded use of public-private partnerships for infrastructure development, continued federal funding for maintenance and repair, and a more effective regulatory environment for major infrastructure projects.

Capital and Credit Availability
Congress must ensure capital and credit markets meet the current and future needs of the commercial real estate industry. Strong oversight is needed to ensure that the actions of various financial regulators do not unfairly discriminate against the commercial real estate industry, or have unintended negative consequences on the availability of credit for real estate development.

Environment and Energy Efficiency
NAIOP supports reauthorization and funding of the EPA’s Brownfields Program and efforts to improve and modernize the program. Federal legislation advancing building code efficiency goals should be based on economic and technological feasibility. Incentive-based and voluntary approaches, such as EPA’s Energy Star and Portfolio Manager, should continue.

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