Chapter Merit Awards

These annual awards from NAIOP Corporate honor the outstanding events, educational programs and legislative efforts, along with recognizing their chapter presidents, chapter executive directors and volunteers.  The San Francisco Bay Area Chapter and members have been recognized in the following awards categories:

  • Legislative/Government Affairs - Government affairs activities including programs, strategy and advocacy to support important state and local issues: 2020 Capitol Dome Award

  • Chapter President of the Year: Lauren Young - 2020
  • Chapter of the Year: 2018, 2007
  • Special Event - A special event is industry-related and not a community service event or activity. Examples include a bus tour, real estate challenge and award dinners: 2010
  • Membership - The chapter’s activities related to recruiting and retaining all member categories: 2012, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2005
  • Chapter Executive of the Year: Kerry Parker - 2016
  • Volunteer of the Year: Gordon Hess - 2010
  • Technology: 2010
  • Developing Leaders Program: 2010
  • Branding: 2010