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Introducing NED: The NAIOP SFBA Executive Development Program

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The NAIOP Executive Development (NED) Program is a 6-month personal and professional development program offered by the NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area Chapter.


Designed for professionals with approximately 10+ years of industry experience, this program assists in preparing its members to take the next steps in their commercial real estate careers by providing the opportunity for personal development and to build management, negotiation, presentation, and other essential skills.


The NED Program comprises six working sessions over a six-month period beginning in January and ending in June 2020, featuring three overnight retreats, interspersed with skill building workshops, small group virtual check-ins and optional coaching. Participants will also be asked to spend several hours between sessions working on assignments.


A maximum of 20 students will be accepted for this program through a detailed application review process. The application period will open in September with applications due by October 31, 2019.


To learn more about the program click here. We also invite you to join us for one of our free in-person or online informational sessions.


  • Thursday, September 18th from 4:30-5:30pm (Downtown SF) – RSVP Now
  • Thursday, September 26th from 8:30am-9:30am (Downtown SF) – RSVP Now
  • Wednesday, October 2nd from 10:00am-10:30am (Online Webinar) – RSVP Now

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