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Inside NAIOP's YPG and NED Programs

June 2020 // NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is pleased to deliver another outstanding podcast: Inside NAIOP’s YPG and NED Programs.  This episode provides the inside scoop on the unique scientific approach behind the chapter’s renowned Young Professionals Group and its innovative new NAIOP Executive Development program.  It features a conversation between Cori English, NAIOP SFBA Board Member / Communications Committee Co-Chair and leadership development guru for both YPG and NED, Julie Chesley, PhD. A highly-recommended listen for anyone who is thinking about applying to either program as well as those interested in personal and professional development.
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Unconscious Bias and the Bottom Line: The Business Case for Equality

June 2019 // NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area Chapter (NAIOP SFBA) is delighted to bring you our first podcast! This inaugural edition was recorded at the chapter’s I.D.E.A. committee event which was held at Prologis’ San Francisco office on May 23, 2019. The podcast features an excerpt from this presentation by Corporate Consultant Dr. Rebecca Johannsen, where she discusses how overlooking diversity can actually inhibit the potential, and the bottom line, of any business. Johannsen shares research and suggests methods to help listeners combat unconscious biases and reshape their thinking (and their workplaces) to leverage the full potential of everyone on their team. Host, Cori English, Director at RETS Associates and Chapter President Lauren Young, Partner at PCCP, LLC introduce the podcast and share their candid insights about the content.