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The NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area Podcast, your gateway to the pulse of commercial real estate. Dive into insightful conversations, stay updated on market trends, and gain exclusive leadership insights. Explore the intersection of politics and real estate, all while being part of a community that goes beyond the airwaves. Your feedback matters; like, subscribe, and share to join our engaged community. Connect with us on social media, and for those interested in NAIOP membership, visit Thanks for tuning in!

  • Engaging Conversations: Immerse yourself in dynamic engagements that provide a firsthand understanding of how the commercial real estate industry operates.
  • Market Updates: Stay in the loop with the latest market trends and happenings, ensuring you’re always informed about the ever-evolving landscape.
  • Leadership Insights: Tune in for exclusive interviews with senior leaders, gaining valuable insights into their experiences, strategies, and vision for the industry.
  • Political Impact: Explore the political issues shaping and influencing the commercial real estate sector, offering a comprehensive view of the industry’s broader context.
  • Community Connection: We are committed to connecting with our community, both within and beyond commercial real estate, fostering a network of informed and engaged listeners. 

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