How to Apply

NAIOP Executive Development (NED) Program Application Process

A maximum of 20 students will be accepted for this program through a detailed application review process. The application period opens in September with applications due Ocotber 29. All applicants are notified of their status in November, and the kick-off retreat occurs in January. Classes will be held monthly from January through June, with a graduation celebration in June.

The NED Program strives to achieve diversity across all areas including industry specialization, corporate representation, age, gender and ethnicity, which will offer the NED Program student an opportunity to strengthen his or her individual skill sets in areas considered vital to the top real estate firms. Program members will be selected by NED advisors who are NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area Chapter leaders representing various corporations and industry specializations.

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Hess Scholarship


Successful applicants will likely meet the following qualifications:

  • Must be a member of the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of NAIOP, or must commit to join if selected for the program
  • Must be a professional in the commercial real estate industry (however, current employment is not mandatory)
  • Should be at least 35 years of age
  • Should have approximately 10 or more years of professional experience, ideally in commercial real estate
  • Graduates from the NAIOP Young Professionals Group (YPG) Program are encouraged to pursue this program as a next step, if they also generally meet the above criteria
  • Must be willing to commit the time, resources and skills required for active involvement in the program including but not limited to, attendance at all program events.
  • Must practice high standards of professional and personal integrity.
  • Must demonstrate leadership qualities and capabilities as well as positive attitudes.

Program Tuition

The total tuition fee for the NED program is $5,000 and must be paid in full in advance of the program. Tuition covers the cost of retreat lodging, provided meals, and all program materials and instruction. Individuals accepted into the program must also be current NAIOP-SFBA Chapter members, or must have their membership application completed and paid in advance of participation. The fee for NAIOP SFBA membership ranges from $300-$875 per person, depending on your age and/or the number of other members from your company. For details, contact

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