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Introducing Your 2022 NAIOP SFBA President Amanda Bates

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Introducing Your 2022 NAIOP SFBA President Amanda Bates

Amanda Bates is Vice President and Portfolio Director for EQ Office. She runs the Northern California Region for the company and is responsible for market strategy through new investments, leasing, operations and value creation efforts in the throughout the region.

President’s Message

After many years of active involvement in the various facets of our amazing Chapter, I am honored to become your President for 2022. On behalf of the Board and the entire leadership team I want to share our vision statement which will flow through our annual agenda as well as our committees and our events. I also want to give you some insight into my priorities, what I am most excited about, what the pandemic has taught me and how I plan to integrate that learning into my life and my role as President.

Our vision is to be a trusted source and affiliation for real estate professionals:

  • An effective advocate for commercial real estate policies
  • Adaptive to market conditions while still being a collaborative and educational event and content provider
  • Financially sound for the future
  • Diverse, well-connected, and effective industry leaders
  • Fostering career development and providing education for all career stages

My top priority for 2022 is to guide NAIOP SFBA through adapting to current market conditions, while still being a collaborative educational event and content provider. I am also committed to furthering our outstanding efforts towards advocacy and supporting the development of two our newly created political action committees (PAC’s), The NAIOP SFBA “Candidates PAC” and “Issues PAC”.

What I am most excited about is bringing people together and watching the connections of our members grow. We plan to hit the ground running bringing back our major marquee events in a creative and COVID safe way, leveraging our member’s buildings and relationships to identify the most conducive outdoor spaces and highly anticipated new venues.

Additionally, I cannot wait to showcase our Chapter’s accomplishments and to continue providing leadership and networking opportunities to our members. I am so proud of the job we did as a Chapter in providing virtual experiences to our members, however, I feel energized by the chance to get back to networking live!

Perhaps most of all, I am thrilled that we will be able to bring back in-person events for our key educational programs, Young Professionals Group (YPG) and the NAIOP Executive Development Program (NED). The programs had to adapt and modify the curriculum over the past two years and did so with impressive results. Thank you everyone involved for the flexibility and adaptability you exhibited over the past two years.

What I observed during the pandemic is that everyone went through different, yet similar experiences. We all craved information and still wanted to feel connected. In response to that universal need, our Chapter set a goal to adapt and find new and creative ways to share information. It is so important that we fulfill our industry’s natural affinity for connectivity and sharing information. I also want to specifically thank our Board and Committee Chairs who have continued to adapt and evolve our content and as we continue to grow and pivot our offerings going forward.

On the personal front, one of the best silver linings was, of course, more special time with my immediate family. We enjoyed cooking breakfasts and dinners together, which previously had been impossible. I have a COVID baby, who has now become a toddler (which is crazy to believe that’s how long the COVID has been!).

The pandemic taught all of us how to be adaptable personally and professionally. Watching Chapter leaders emerge and thrive during this challenge time was amazing to watch. It allowed people different types of leadership styles to contribute rather than just those speaking at in person events. We were able to be more inclusive and draw in more diverse presenters. Another silver lining for me personally and professionally, was how much time I was able to spend with 2021 President, Adam Lasoff, both in person and virtually. I appreciated being able to learn from his leadership style and shadow him during his Presidency.

As the chair of the Sponsorship Committee over the past few years, Sponsors are always top of mind for me, and I know personally how instrumental they are to the financial success of our Chapter. We are committed to continuing to provide evolving and creative content that is valuable to their employees and highlights their achievements.

For you our members, we plan to bring the certainty of high-level networking and connections as well as vital information on the most relevant topics in a time of continued uncertainty. Most importantly, however, we want to hear from you! Please reach out with questions, suggestions for events, and your ideas for ways we can add value for you and your business. We would specifically like your partnership in encouraging your younger employees to participate. What I love about our industry is that the connections and networking are just as much a part of your job as any financial analysis – your connections are your currency and we need to support our younger generation to continue to build their currency and experience the fun, social aspects of the industry so they build community and decide to make commercial real estate their lifelong passion and career!

Wish you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!



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